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Activity Center Open for Exercise
Dear Members of The Malvern Club

We are now using the activity center for exercise. It's clean and heated with bathroom facilities in the building! Fred Bourque and his team have revived the building for us!

We are using Zumba and can add other types of exercise. Possibly Richard Simmons or other suggestions. Please REPLY Here and let me know what you think!

Join us, this makes us leave home and not have to commute to stay fit in the winter. Plus our roads are plowed and sanded! ⛄️ We have all of the week days available! More days can be added. Planned:

  • Days: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am.

Happy fit new year!

Have a wonderful day!

Diana Wright
Treasurer, Malvern Club, Inc.
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Published January 18, 2019