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Draft November 14, 2019, Meeting Minutes
Dear Members of The Malvern Club,

Please Click Here to open the full text of the Draft minutes for the November 14, 2019, Board of Director's Meeting.

Below you will find some of the highlights from the meeting and any special notes that might be of interest.

Minutes of most Board and Membership meetings can be found on Malvern's website. We hope you will find this abbreviated report of the minutes useful.

Board Meeting Decisions and Actions
From Your Firewise Coordinator
Please send me the hours or money spent on reducing the risk of fire damage to our homes.

Need this by December 15th

I am filling out the renewal application for our community for the Firewise program. It's a program where Malvern gets grant money for the money or time we've spent to reduce the risk of fire damage to our homes. Please email me with time or money spent by you in 2019 to reduce the risk of fire. Some examples of time spent are mowing the lawn, cleaning gutters, tree removal or trimming, litter and debris removal, raking leaves. If you paid someone to do this, just tell me how much money you spent and for what in 2019. Other examples of money spent that qualify are for paying an arborist, paying landscapers, some home improvement costs or equipment rentals. For more examples, see "Activities" on the Malvern Firewise Page

This figure does not have to be precise (but can't be made up either). For instance, if you cleaned your gutters twice in 2019 and it took 3 hours each time, just send me an email that says you spent 6 hours cleaning gutters. We get credit for mowing the yard. So, send me an email telling me how often you mow your yard and how long it takes. If you paid someone to do either of these, tell me how much you paid and how many times during the year you paid that amount. If you're not sure if something you did qualifies, just tell me in the email what it was, time or money spent, and I'll include it if it qualifies.

Please email this to me at I need this information by December 15th to get our renewal application in on time. PLEASE, take a minute now and send the info!! Although there are forms to enter this material also on our website, you can just send me a list of activities and the time or money spent.

Thank you much,

Susan Korfanty,
Malvern Firewise Coordinator
Home phone: (540) 543-3913

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Newsletter Published: November 19, 2019

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