Malvern News
September 1, 2018

Pool closing - September 16th

Pool is closing for the 2018 season on September 16. So calling all pool patrons - come on out to enjoy the last days of summer! Thanks everyone for making this year's pool season so much fun. I'll leave you with the following testimonial from one of our longstanding members and hope to see more Malvern members join the pool in 2019.

The wonderful condition of the pool this summer

I am a member of the Malvern Aerobics Swimmers, or as we call ourselves, The Girls of Summer. We all want to say how much we have enjoyed the pool this summer. It has been kept clean, clear and beautiful during the whole of summer swim season. We want to thank Fred for all the upgrades and especially Gwen for all her work to be sure that the pool water was so clean, clear and safe. Thanks also to anyone else who helped to make the pool as great as it is this year.

Pat and the girls of summer

Girls of Summer
Members: Pat Kaplon, Barbara Vandeventer, Nancy Negron, Sue Brown, Ellie Tarbous, and Virginia Utz. Not shown: Mary King.

We had such fun this summer, and we hope that more folks will join us next year to help themselves stay healthy and happy!

Once more, thanks to all who helped our aerobics group to have such a great summer of swimming in the Malvern pool.

The Girls of Summer
Here's to the plucky ladies
Who meet at Malvern pool
Each Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
In weather hot or cool

They meet for swim aerobics
And twirl their bodies round
In hopes to make their muscles
All strong and firm and sound

And while they exercise there
Their chatter freely flows
They talk of all the things they do
And all the folks they know.

They gossip about family
As they twist and flex and turn
Just maybe they'll discuss the news
Or how their dinner burned

But, on and on they struggle
Through stormy days or fair
To keep their bodies flexible
And guard them against wear

They're brave when water's icy
And strong when cold winds blow
They jump right in and swing their arms
As round and round they go

So, give these ladies credit
For standing firm and true
And showing up to swim each day
They are a hardy crew.

Pat Allen Kaplon