Malvern News
September 10, 2018

Yard Sale Outcome

Thank you to all who participated in the community yard sale on September 8th. It was a perfect day and NO RAIN!! We had 19 families participating -- what a wonderful turnout of both participants and yard sale shoppers! For those of you who missed it or want to do it again, we will be having another one in the Spring, 2019. Dates will be announced at a later time. Thanks again Everyone!!!

Ellie Tarbous, Yard Sale Coordinator

Malvern Mens' Lunch

Live in Malvern? Male? Retired, self-un-employed, or otherwise available? Grey-hair or no hair? Wife thinks you need a hearing aid (you don't, of course)? More medical implants than the "Six-Million Dollar Man"? Like to talk about everything except politics & religion? Like to try new or favorite local restaurants?

Then, by-golly, join the Malvern Mens' Luncheon, first Thursday of each month.
Call Fred Bourque at 540-738-2200 to get on our reminder list.

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