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Hello Malvern News Subscribers,
This Newsletter is brought to you by theClick hereMalvern Board of Directors. Thank you for subscribing and please inform your Malvern neighbors of this news service.

Homeowners' Association:
In addition to this Newsletter, the Board maintains theClick hereMalvern Web Site where you can find reports of meetings, the latest "Malvern Communicator," policies, forms, and a wealth of other information about our community. And, please, come to the monthly Board meetings to learn more about the latest of what's going on!

Monthly Board Meeting Schedule
Date:Second Thursday of Each Month
Time:7:00 pm
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President's Bulletin Board:  
PinDon't forget we will have 4 open positions on the Board in April. Jerry Monnat is running for a second term. Myself, Ed Johnson and Joe Graham are not running again. If you would like to run for these positions this is a good place to start!
 Please email SubscribeEd Johnson a Bio with a statement of your choice. Good luck! 
PinI have gotten one positive comment on the recent snow removal. It seems they did a great job. I know the access to Malvern Drive was kind of narrow and Don Nicholson widened that out for us. Thanks Don! Meadow Springs intended to do that once all roads were clear but Don saves us some money! 
PinDon't forget that we still have a goose population problem (along with deer dare I say!). If you are a Lake abutter please let the Board know if a team will be allowed to enter your property to assess the nests and manage the eggs. 

Secretary: Minutes 
      Click here Click here to find the latest minutes from the monthly Board meetings.

Treasurer: 2016 Dues 
Annual Dues: you should have received an invoice for 2016 annual dues within the past few days. Annual dues for 2016 remain at $550 per lot. You may pay the entire amount now or pay in 2 installments of $325 now and $225 in August. Your payment is due by March 1, 2016. Payments postmarked after March 31, 2016 are subject to a $30 late fee. Optional add-on fees are an annual pool-key fee of $20 and an annual boat storage fee of $15. Opting to store your boat also requires filling out a form foundClick herehere. Also, a blank copy of the 2016 annual dues notice can be foundClick herehere.

Being the Treasurer: I've been on Board more than 8 of the last 9 years and served as Treasurer for many of those years. My time on the Board comes to an end after the April meeting. Being the treasurer is not a particularly hard job. Minimum requirements are simple: basic math of addition and subtraction. It's also helpful to have some computer skills. The job entails sending dues notices, recording payments, making deposits, paying bills, budgeting, monthly bank reconciliation, and providing periodic financial reports. Most of the tasks mirror what you do with your own finances. The financial reporting is mostly generated automatically on the computer. Usually some time each month is necessary but as you can see, the individual tasks are not particularly difficult and the reward is you are helping the community by not having to hire someone to perform these services. If desired, I'd be happy to help anyone interested in becoming Treasurer. Paraphrasing a famous quote, my fellow Malvernians, ask not what your community can do for you, ask what you can do for your community.

Architectural Committee: Goose Letter 
Just a short note to say the Goose letters have gone out. A quick response would be welcome in order to plan for dates and individuals volunteering to assist in this project. I volunteer.

Grounds & Lake Committee: News Boxes & Boats 
I'd like to remind everyone with a news box to be sure to use the locks. We don't have many instances of missing papers, but it's still something we can control if we just use the locks.

The North dock has racks for storing boats, canoes, and paddle craft. It is important that those using the storage let us know which boat is theirs and also pay the treasurer the $15 fee. We currently have two canoes that are not accounted for. If you know who owns craft 3 and 5 in the picture, please let me know. If no one comes forward, we will have to remove those that are not paid up.
Roads Committee: Snow Removal 
January was a busy month for snow removal !!

Although I had my usual number of complaints, I also had several folks compliment the removal effort. I personally feel they did a great job for such a deep snow. Barbara's crew worked 26 hours straight before taking a brief break for some sleep. They then came back & pushed back again, widened the snowbanks to open up lanes wider. Thanks to all who exercised patience during this process.

We will remove the posts that were installed at the Speed Humps soon, however I personally feel we might be wiser to leave them in as a "visual - mental reminder" for folks to check their speed and slow down. I'm sure many have noticed that speeds have increased along with the usual "running stops" at our stop signs.

I will contact Madison regarding stepping up patrols in the neighborhood. Hopefully folks will engage their brains after starting their vehicles..

One can only hope.

Firewise Committee: NFPA Newsletter 
Malvern is subscribed to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Wildland Fire Newsletter. Click here Click Here to view the current and past issues.

Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator: Highway Clean--up 
The "litter louts" have been busy along Oak Park Road. The faithful volunteers cleaned up this area in the Fall and will need to get at it in the Spring to pick up after these sloppy people.

Can you give us a hand?? You would be given a certain route, a week to choose when to clean it, the necessary bags, vests, and grabbers. If you can spare an hour of your time, please call Ann Ferguson at 948-5365.

Malvern News Publication Schedule:
The Newsletter will be sent every two month (on even months) or Ad-Hoc when needed. Committee Chairs must submit their input at least two days in advance of publication.

If you have any questions about this Newsletter or any of the Community activities please visit ourClick hereContacts Page.

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