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Draft July 14, 2022, Board Meeting
Please Click Here to open the full text of the Draft minutes for the July 14, 2022, Board of Director's Meeting.

Below you will find some of the highlights from the meeting and any special notes that might be of interest.

Minutes of most Board and Membership meetings can be found on Malvern's website. 
Board Meeting Decisions and Actions
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Lake News
As you probably noticed, the lake level is very low. It's down about 20 inches. We suspected there might be a leak somewhere, but we couldn't find it. We had the engineer who installed the drain siphon last year come out to take a look, and he found the source of the leak. The original siphon pipe from the early 1970's had failed sometime back. The engineer believes that the shut-off valve most likely gave out, permitting lake water to flow freely through the old pipe. He said that the flow looked like it might be between 100 - 150 GPM. He did the design plan for the new siphon, and he is contacting the contractor who installed it to see how we can locate the old pipe in the lake so that it can be plugged. We don't know how long this will take or how complicated it will be.

Until further notice, the lake, docks, and dam will be closed per recommendation by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for safety concerns.

Malvern's lake is governed by the DCR. Unfortunately, it will get worse until the pipe can be plugged.
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HOA Dues Payments
It’s that time of year when we start collecting the final dues payments for the year. Many of you have already paid your dues for the year. For those of you who still have a balance on your account, the entire balance is due on September 1st and will be considered late on October 1st. This week, Jay Graves, our treasurer, will be sending out dues invoices to all members with a balance due on their account. You may opt to receive the invoice by email or USPS. Over the past 2 years, some members have complained that they did not receive their invoice so didn’t know how much they owed. I receive my invoice by email, and I’ve never had a problem. If you’d like to sign up to receive your invoice, and other communications from the Board, via email, just send an email message to: treasurer@malvernofmadison.org. Include your name and lot number and the email address you’d like us to use.

If you’d like to review the policy on dues payments, it’s here: https://www.malvernofmadison.org/DocForm/Policy-001-financial.pdf

Finally, if you choose to receive your dues invoice by USPS, please notify Jay if you have not received it by September 1st.
Click Here to view the Financial Policy
Word on the Street
Just some local news that you might find interesting or useful:
Risk Factors
Find your home's Risk Factors. Past events, current risks, and future projections based on peer-reviewed research from the world’s leading flood, fire, and climate modelers.
Flood Map
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Pun of the Month
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☕ Groups & Contacts 🍺
There are a number of social events and groups in Malvern. Many events are held at the Malvern Clubhouse or Activity Center, while the Ladies and Men's Lunch Groups venture out to different, local restaurants each month. The best place to see upcoming events is the Malvern calendar.
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🧑‍🤝‍🧑‍ Scheduled Meetings 🧑‍🤝‍🧑
HOA meetings are held at the Clubhouse. All members are encouraged to attend.
Newsletter Published: July 28, 2022
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