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By-Laws and Covenants

By-laws, Covenants

1.  Articles of Incorporation—the purpose and powers of the corporation ... click to read 2.  Bylaws—how the corporation is run: the Board, members, assessments ... click to read 3.  Deed of Dedication containing Covenants, Resolutions, Amendents and Vacation—a single 35-page document containing items 4 through 14 below ... click to read 4.  Covenants—restrictions intended to protect and maintain the beauty ... click to read 5.  Resolution—specifies the minimum building square footage ... click to read 6.  Amendment—clarifies the minimum building square footage ... click to read 7.  Amendment—restricts certain vehicle use on Malvern roads ... click to read 8.  Amendment—again clarifies the minimum building square footage ... click to read 9.  Amendment—addresses vehicle impoundment; permitted/prohibited structures ... click to read 10.  Resolution—designates our roads as highways for law enforcement purposes. Be advised that Madison County Board of Supervisors Ordinance 2010-1, which was passed subsequent to this resolution, was rescinded on September, 12, 2017. The resolution was one of the conditions for the Ordinance to be passed in 2010 and so this resolution may be of limited or no purpose. Click to read the resolution 11.  Amendment—modifies boat length; adds co-signing of checks over $2,500 ... click to read 12.  Vacation—vacates the 2nd lake easements and bridle trails ... click to read 13.  Amendment—amends the covenant related to signs ... click to read 14.  Amendment—amends covenant related to rights of the property owner ... click to read