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Draft December 8, 2022, Board Meeting
Please Click Here to open the full text of the Draft minutes for the December 8, 2022, Board of Director's Meeting.

Below you will find some of the highlights from the meeting and any special notes that might be of interest.

Minutes of most Board and Membership meetings can be found on Malvern's website.Β 
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Board Meeting Decisions/Actions/Highlights
πŸ”¨ President’s Remarks πŸ”¨
The President noted that three Board seats are expiring in April. A nominating committee was established for the April 29th election. The Committee will be canvassing members between now and March 2023 to find people willing to run for those seats. The Clubhouse has been reserved for the April 29th Annual Membership Meeting and the July 4th Picnic.
🚫 Enforcement of Covenants 🚫
There was a lenghty discussion with members concerned about the perceived lack of enforcement of some of the HOA Covenants. The full report can be found in the December 8, 2022, Board of Director's Meeting. A summary follows:
  1. Past Due Dues. Member concern about the number of delinquent dues. The Treasurer stated that there were only four lots in arrears on their 2022 dues and that he is working with those members to get their balances cleared.
  2. Mowing of Lots. Member concern with some lots not being mowed. The President said the Board had revised the Lot Maintenance Policy in January 2022, to bring it in line with Virginia law. There is nothing in the covenants that requires members to keep their lawns mowed. The policy encourages members to keep all grass-covered or open lots mowed to reduce wildfire risk.
  3. Junk Cars. Member concern about junk cars sitting on properties. The President said the Board does have the authority to have junk cars towed at the owner's expense and that Boards had done that in the past and would do it again. However, an inspection of the properties in question found none had junk cars in sight. All of the vehicles on those properties that are visible from the road are licensed and operable, as required by the covenants.
  4. Garbage, Rubbish & Debris. Member concern with a lot that has debris visible on the lawn. The President reported that he had inspected the property in question and found none that violated the Lot Maintenance Policy.
  5. Firearms. Members concern about someone shooting and hunting in Malvern. The President reported that we have a covenant that prohibits hunting and discharging a firearm in Malvern. He investigated the latest incident and determined who the homeowner was and advised them of the covenant. If you hear gun shots in Malvern, to call Gary Bostic, the Game Warden, at 540-948-5161, or call 911 and ask for the game warden.
  6. Enforcement. The President referred to the Property Owners' Association (POA) Act of 2010. That is, the HOA can suspend a member's privileges temporarily and charge a fee for a late dues payment and the HOA can take a member to court to collect money owed to us because those penalties are in our covenants. However, the Board does not have the authority to impose fines on members who violate a covenant if a fine is not specified in the covenant.

    The President suggested that concerned members develop a list of rules they would like to see enacted and provide it for members' consideration at the next membership meeting on April 29th.
πŸ“‹ Notes of Interest πŸ“‹
Some local news that you might find interesting or useful:
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There are a number of social events and groups in Malvern. Many events are held at the Malvern Clubhouse or Activity Center, while the Ladies and Men's Lunch Groups venture out to different, local restaurants each month. The best place to see upcoming events is the Malvern calendar.
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HOA meetings are held in the Activity Center at the Clubhouse Complex. All members are encouraged to attend.
Newsletter Published: January 5, 2023
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